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Paul Edward-Francis

Paul started working as a composer back in 2006 when he co-compose the music for an all star adaptation of Terry Pratchett's classic novel, 'Hog-father'. The two part TV series was a huge hit and Paul went on to score the follow up, this time being 'The Color of Magic,' which once again featured an all star cast of greats such as Jeremy Irons, Tim Curry, and Christopher Lee and Brian Cox among others.

Paul has worked on numerous productions for film and television with some of Hollywood's biggest studios including 'Warner Brothers' and 'Nickelodeon'. He has also worked with some of the world's leading orchestras which include the likes of 'The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' and 'The City of Prague Philharmonic'

More recently Paul has just finished scoring 'Blood of Zeus' , a new Anime series for Netflix centered around Greek mythology.

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Blood of Zeus - 2020


A commoner living in ancient Greece, Heron discovers his true heritage as a son of Zeus, and his purpose: to save the world from a demonic army.

Micronauts - TBA


When fate brings an unlikely team of alien space explorers to earth in pursuit of the evil Baron Karza, they make a shocking discovery—on our world they are the size of action figures!

"The music for Blood of Zeus certainly does play an important role throughout the season, though I still struggle to describe in words how awesome it is."

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Blood of Zeus - The Official Soundtrack- OUT NOW!

Milan Records/Sony Classical


"The score also knows how to compliment the more muted moments of the series in a way that still creates an operatic feeling around everything. It’s seriously powerful stuff that really increases the standards of what should be expected of the music in an animated series. "

'Daniel Kurland',

Den Of Geek

What Culture

"Even scenes that could at first be construed as glorious end up being tragic and heartfelt with the power of the show's music behind it. It's the kind of poetic nuance that'd make Apollo, the god of music himself, proud."

'What Culture'